Lapdesks og solcellelamper er en succes.

Det er nu et år siden lapdesks og solcelle lamper blev uddelt til 400 elever fordelt på 3 skoler i provinsen Matabeleland nær Lupane. 

De 3 skoler har enstemmingt yderst positivt feedback: 

Mzola 27 Primary School

The solar lights and lapdesks project became the light we needed at our school. From below average of homework submission, we moved to almost 99% homework submission, after we have received the lights.

  • Performance in class also improved as it showed that learners could not revise and practice concepts taught on their own.
  • Overall pass rate increased this year from 9% to 35 % we are very certain the lights helped.
  • Indeed where there is light there is hope
Sichongo Primary

Solar lights were truly a blessing because most of the learners are now able to study at night and write using the lapdesks. Being an area where all learner’s homesteads are not connected to the national grid and parents being unable to provide enough lighting, the solar lights truly gave the learners more time to study during the night and not rush their homework before nightfall. The school’s pass rate is steadily raising from 30.7% in 2021 to 33.3% in 2022.

Manganganga Primary School

The donations helped learners a great deal at home as they are now able to do their homework at the comfort of their homes. The boards enable them to write easily while the solar lights provide light to them. Most of our learners live far away from school hence they arrive late at home as it becomes dark.